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Horse Racing System Portfolio

Do you want to bet the latest fad or bet following an approach that has made significant profits 15 years in a row?

The Punter Profits National Hunt System Portfolio is the result of a betting brain storming session in the Punter Profits Full member area.

Many angles were proposed for system investigation by members here.

Many long term profitable angles were uncovered when we cross referenced our horse racing database.

After analysis, 6 core systems were chosen on the grounds of stability and long term profitability.

These 6 systems combined, form the Punter Profits National Hunt System Portfolio.

By combining six separate betting approaches, the aim is to diversify risk in a similar fashion to the way stock market investors would be advised to spread exposure across different sectors of the market. Or put another way " don't put all your eggs in one basket"

With our portfolio approach we are taking selections from six different baskets. Each basket has been researched as providing golden eggs over many past seasons.

The chart below indicates the past profits made on the Punter Profits National System Portfolio over many past years.

These results cover the period Nov 1991 to 28th April 2012.

Key Facts:

Number of selections
Strike Rate
Profit at 1 point level stakes SP
Profit at £100 win per selection
Profit on Turnover

These results above are represented by the yellow line on the graph below.

In reality however SP is a conservative measure of what a skilled punter could achieve shopping around for best odds or using betting exchanges. SP Plus from bookmaker Centrebet for example is avery quick and easy way to beat SP.

If every bet had been made at SP Plus odds as opposed to standard Starting Price the total profit figure above would jump to £125,700 !

Betting at enhanced odds such as on betting exchanges such as Betfair or WBX would likely have produced a similar boost to conservative Starting Price profits.

The red line on the chart below indicates profits if you had been betting at SP Plus as opposed to SP.

Nb if you want a spreadsheet or the very latest results please get in touch.

Latest News: From 1st May 2012 we decided to move forwards monitoring only 4 of the 6 original systems (systems A ,B,C,E). Results from then till Sept 18th were 29 wins from 53 selections for a net profit of 16.38 points at Betfair SP after commission. Pretty good for a period of year with reduced NH racing. This extra profit is not in the spreadsheet below.

Also centrebet recently stopped providing service to uk customers so SP plus is no longer available. A fair outlook however is that historic SP plus returns would be in the rough zone of what any half clued up punter could achieve in real life by shopping around for best early odds, using best odds guarantee offers and also of course the typically higher odds provided by betting exchanges.

National Hunt System Portfolio - Profits at 1 pt Level Stakes at Starting Price and SP Plus

NB Results quoted on this page may be slightly out of date as this page is not updated daily.

A microsoft excel spreadsheet which is updated more often is available for download at

Each day we process the days race cards for system portfolio qualifiers.

Full members receive any NH System Portfolio qualifiers in an email around noon each day.

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