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( a ton of free detailed horse racing research data for you )

Every so often Dave locks himself away for
a week or so and then emerges with chunky
in depth racing research reports for full members here.

Well researched cold hard facts are always a great aid to
anyone who wishes to make sensible decissions about what to bet on.

As time goes on however these point in time pieces of
research work do become a little out of date and we move
them out of the full member only area and make them
available as free downloads to our logged in free members.

Whilst being a little dated I would not say they are of no value.

They still have a lot to teach.

To many of you simply noting how various factors
can impact profitability is a useful eye opener.

They reports can also provide a good starting point to those of you
interested in say system development of your own.

Even if a year or two old etc it will still fast track you to
knowing better about zones of past profitability
and about zones of horrendous losses you would be better of avoiding.

Being a few years old we are not very comfortable charging for such stuff.

But we are happy to let you have them for FREE.


NB These racing research downloads are a perk of free membership here.

So if you already have a free or full member account please login.
Else register a free account to access.

Once logged in refresh this page and all the red X's below will
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National Hunt Trainer Report ( 2012 )
A big research report into National Hunt Trainers
covering the top 25 National hunt trainers


Flat Favourites - The Facts ( 2010 )
A large in depth report focussed on favourites in flat racing.


Ultimate Flat Trainer Report ( 2010 )
Over 100 pages of research into flat trainers.


National Hunt Trainer Report ( 2010 )
Over 100 pages of research into trainers on the national Hunt.


National Hunt Favourites Report ( 2008 )

Favourites in 25,000 past races analysed with the
results all written up into a report.


All Weather Trainer Report ( 2008 )
Over ten years of All Weather Racing Analysed.
Over 100 All Weather Trainers examined in detail.


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