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NH 500 Horse Racing System Portfolio

When betting on horses there are two very different philosophical camps.

The vast majority of mug betting shop punters fall into the random hunch or hit and hope camp.

We here at PunterProfits fall into the alternate camp of treating betting on horses as educated risk.

Examination of years of horse racing data can highlight zones and areas that have been very profitable
to follow for many years. Researched data proof to hand it then becomes a matter of educated risk
that good future profits can be made as well.

The research data we have for the NH 500 portfolio indicates a total profit of over £60,000 to £100
level stakes bets at starting price between 2003 and Sept 2012.

Then considerably more profit after that during live service output from Oct 2012 till today.


What Exactly Is The NH 500 Portfolio ?

Our research highlighted four separate methods of form analysis each proven to be highly long term profitable.

These four separate approaches we group into a single larger portfolio.

This provides enhanced diversification or a not all eggs in one basket approach.

It also helps increase bet frequency to something approaching an average of one good bet per day.


What Key Thinking Was Employed In The Portfolio Design?

- We looked for contrasting ideas with standalone variables

- We kept the systems very simple with 5 variables being the most for one of the four systems

- We looked for robust systems that showed consistency year in year out and were not skewed by big priced winners

- We looked for systems that had a respectable strike rate rather than taking too big a risk with a 15% SR system

- All variables chosen had logic applied to them


Can You Provide Me With Fuller Detail About Historic Performance?

The table below breaks down performance at level stakes on an annual basis.

Nb this data relates only to the research work we carried out before

introducing the NH500 to our members here in 2012.

Year wins Runs Strike Rate Profit ROI%
2003 112 322 34.78 25.66 7.97
2004 82 257 31.91 6.53 2.54
2005 84 247 34.01 9.34 3.78
2006 88 286 30.77 134.62 47.07
2007 87 275 31.64 35.01 12.73
2008 78 275 28.36 20.95 7.62
2009 103 346 29.77 149.76 43.28
2010 103 333 30.93 58.95 17.70
2011 98 344 28.49 74.38 21.62
2012 75 243 30.86 103.14 42.44
Totals 910 2928 31.08 618.34 21.12


NB It is worth stressing that the historic data above is based on starting price returns.

So if you are saying to yourself..that is conservative, starting price is generally buck useless
and one can normally do far better picking off good early bookmaker prices or by using betting exchanges
..well yes you are quite correct and thinking the way a good punter should do.


Do You Have A Chart Of Profits Over Time?

I do like to see charts myself.

They are often quite good at letting one see whether an approach has a degree of smoothness or high volatility.

The chart below details growth in total profit over time.

It assumes £100 bets at starting price.

Again this relates to the research we did before bringing qualifers live to full members here.


Do You Have A Detailed Spreadsheet?

Yes. All past runner data from the research period is included in the spreadsheet at the link below. Also included is an extra spreadsheet page which will permit profit analysis on a rolling bank or compounding basis in addition to a level stakes approach.


For Spreadsheet Download Click Here



Ok Researched Data Looks Good But How Has It Fared In Real Life?

This is a crucial question.

It is quite easy to back fit a system to appear past profitable.
It is not so easy to create a good system capable of making profits moving forwards.

I am please to say however that since we started sending daily qualifers to members here in Oct 2012
excellent profits have been made.

As of 22nd March 2014 there have been 154 winners from 590 live tested selections.

So a comfortable strike rate of 26%

Net profit at BOG odds ( since oct 2012 ) has been a whopping 124 points to level stakes.


So in short .. the research we did in 2012 indicated many past profitable years.

And very crucially live testing since that date has gone on to produce excellent further net profits.



If I Join Punterprofits What Exactly Do I Get With Regards To This NH 500 Portfolio?

Firstly I would like to make it clear that we are not selling the goose that lays the golden eggs, we just provide you with the eggs. Rules to the methodology will remain our secret. We will tell you however when future qualifiers arise. They get posted on our full member area forum. Additionally we will send an email each morning to you. So no need for you to spend several hours each day checking several hundred runners to see if they match our precise rules. Instead any qualifiers are emailed to you. We even highlight the best bookmaker odds available from those bookmakers who offer the best odds guarantee offer.


Are The NH 500 Selections All I Get With My Membership?

No !

PunterProfits is best deemed a small club with many interesting things going on.

We do not charge for everything separately.

Instead one simple low cost membership fee covers everything.

Our home page is as good a spot as any to find out about additional perks of full membership.


How Much Does Full Membership Cost?

£24.99 monthly and you can even get it at an effective cheaper monthly rate if you opt for annual membership instead of monthly.


How Do I Join Up?

Joining our club is a simple process.

1 - Register a free Account ( no need to do this bit again if you have already done so)

2 - Log into the site

3 - Note the prominent "upgrade" option visible on log in.


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