National Hunt Trainer Report 2012

The Top 25 National Hunt Trainers Analysed in Detail.

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When it comes to betting on horses what separates consistent winners from the eternal losers?

One of the key factors is knowledge about what you are betting on.

If you do your homework then the exam down at the bookmakers suddenly becomes easier to pass.

Research however can be long and tedious to do.

It is often better to get someone else to do it all for you.

You can then profit from the findings instead of having to spend months putting it all together.

This report we have compiled for you focuses on the records of Trainers in National Hunt races.

Several years of historical data were analysed for twenty five of the top uk horse racing trainers.
This small group of trainers provide a very high percentage of all National Hunt race winners.

For each trainer we breakdown their records along such lines as:

  • Different race courses

  • Different months of year

  • Record in all races

  • Record in race types such as chase or hurdle

  • Record according to class of race

  • Record with favourites

  • Record according to odds range

  • Record with horses that move in class

  • Record according to market rank

  • Record according to sex of horse

  • Top trainer jockey combinations

  • And More !


This research report will highlight to you the situations under which trainers do very well or very poorly.
Betting Exchange Layers Take Note - this is not only for backers but for layers as well.


How To Use The Report

The intended use of this report is as a handy reference guide to someone who wishes to use well researched stats and figures to aid their own selection picking.

Say for example you were pondering a bet on Trainer A's horse in a hurdle race. A quick glance at the report shows you whilst said Trainer does well in chase races his hurdle form is poor..would you proceed and bet or better informed ..walk away? Alternatively of course the report will help steer you to positive bets if today's race conditions meet what the cold hard facts of the report tell you has been long term profitable.

Information is power as they say and if you have good information to hand you will make better decisions.


Micro Systems

Not everyone wishes to assess races on a race by race basis. Many prefer a systematic style of approach to qualifier selection. To aid you in this key stats of note have been highlighted. We have even gone as far as to detail several trainer based micro systems that are easy to work out daily qualifiers for.

Combined system results over the researched period of time:

Runners 981
Winners 297
Strike Rate 30.3%
Profit to SP +610.14pts (ROI +62.2%)
Profit to BFSP +1038.06pts (ROI +105.8%)


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