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BF Bot Manager
Visit Site: BF Bot Manager
Description: "Bf Bot Manager" software is official Betfair API solution that comes with 3 fully automated bots and ladder control for manual betting at any Betfair market!

# "Back/Lay Favorite Bot" comes with Bf Bot Manager V1, set your strategy for betting on favorite or on your own selections. This bot also has advanced loss pot recovery system.
# "Back/Lay Multiple Favorites Bot" comes with Bf Bot Manager V2 and is our most powerful bot, it is able to bet on multiple favorites at same market, recover loss for each favorite, bet on user bets and much more
# "Ladder/Grid Control" is ideal for manual trading or betting on any Betfair live events, like horse races, soccer matches, tennis, snooker, darts...
# "Horse Races Trader Bot" will take only 1 minute of your time to start bot each day in the morning, and it will trade on UK horse races whole day!
# "Dutching Bot" will automatically place bets at your target overround on all markets or you can use dutching calculator and place bets with 1 clic

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