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The Betometer
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Description: 1. Full market depth one click betting. One click of the mouse to place bets on the live Betfair markets.

2. One click equalisation of profits (green up) . No need to learn trading skills, just click a button and make a profit.

3. Dutching bets. Bet any number of runners to back or lay using variable profit figures.

4. Individual stake betting. Bet any runner or runners in an event with your own individual stakes. Back or Lay all runners as required.

5. One click graphs. Micrographs or Betfair graphs for every runner using one click. Weight of money indicators for every runner.

6. Bookmaker functions. One click to instantly create your own markets by building you own profit requirements. Reverse odds, Betfair SP, bookmaker live prices, Betfair traded volumes. Use all these to see where the real money is going - excellent for greyhound racing!

7. Auto-hedge functions. One click to place two bets to make you profits.

8. Trigger bets. Easy to use simple trigger functions, that you can apply to any runner, or all runners as required. Goes in play, back bets, lay bets, stop-loss, hedge, straight bet, tick offset betting.

9. Form data for Horse racing. Includes all form information not found on Betfair as well as trainer statistics and jockey silks.

10. The Betometer Forecast Prices. Each UK horse is given a rating in the form of a starting price. No more judgement calls for a horses chances. You will see instantly what the rating of the horse actually is and compare it with the live Betfair and Bookmaker prices.

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