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Follow The Money

Oddschecker – Follow the Money

Anyone who has read any of my previous articles will know I believe the best method of making money when backing horses is to monitor what the shrewd money is on!

I have used similar methods when monitoring the “exchanges”.

Having inside knowledge of a horse’s chance is usually initially limited to a “chosen few”.

However, once the money is down, to some degree the game is up, as the Bookmakers will start to cut the price as the money is piled on!

Therefore I decided to monitor the superb “Oddschecker” daily updates that can be automatically sent to you at a time that suits you!

I take my daily report at 11.00am as I feel this offers the earliest opportunity to see where the money is going, if the report was requested at 10.00 there is a reasonable chance there may have been no movers.

My method was very simple - I monitor the top 4 movers each day as stated by “Oddschecker”, and then theoretically back them at the “Best Price “ still available at 11.00am, and also at SP.

The results are in the spreadsheet at the link below.
( Right Click the link above and choose "save target as" )


Please note I did not include horses backed in Ireland, and where more than one horse was backed in the same race, I always selected the biggest mover.

You will also note a short break in testing at the start of November. This was due to a holiday.

On some days there were less than 4 movers due to the reasons just mentioned, or that there were simply only one or two movers that day at 11.00am.

If you wish to get the update simply go to and in the top right hand corner you will see “Register”, follow the instructions they only take a couple of minute to complete, and you can receive the latest movers sent to you direct by Oddschecker each day.


As you can see from the results over the trial period, there would have been 138 bets places with 53 winners, showing a strike rate of 38.4% and a level stakes profit of 114.7 Points taking the best price at 11.00am, or a level stakes profit of 96.3 Points taking the SP.

Fair enough Richie Boy dropping at 33-1 (SP of 50-1) has massively boosted the return, but I am sure you will agree the results are good even without that fantastic winner.

(I backed it at 110-1 on Betfair, so always keep an eye on the exchanges).

Another place to look for great prices is with a local “Independent” Bookmaker (if you have one), as they often don’t cut their prices as early as the main Bookmakers, leaving you to step in thanks to Oddschecker and get a great price.

There are no guarantees this “System” will always come up trumps but at least you will be backing horses that are expected to run well.

You will see from the list of bookmakers quoted in the Spreadsheet that just about all are covered, and in this day and age I do feel you need accounts not only with the exchanges but also with a large number of bookmakers.

So if you haven’t got accounts with more than one of two Bookmakers why not take up the new offers on the Punterprofits site and get yourself a few free bets in to the bargain.

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Good Luck


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