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Flat Racing Favourites Report

Flat Racing Favourites The Facts

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Why Back Favourites?

Favourites win often and many find a high strike rate approach the most comfortable way to bet.

Also did you know that favourites offer a much lesser profit margin to the bookmaker than second favourites, third favourites etc?

Does it not make sense to focus your betting on an area that is both ...

high in strike rate and less advantageous to the bookmaker?

Unfortunately it is not as simple as betting all favourites. You will make a loss.

Selectivity is key.

Knowing the facts its certainly a logical place to start.

This is where our detailed research over five whole years of historic racing comes into play.

When you get your FREE copy of Flat Racing Favourites The Facts you will see under what conditions it has been possible to make a good profit.



Certain Trainers are very popular with punters and tend to be over bet.

Their horses will start favourite due to sheer weight of mug punter money.

Favourites from other stable however are often favourite for a very sound reason.

Which Trainer for example wins a whopping 43.9 % of the time with a healthy profit on investment of 21% when his runners start as favourite?

Who is his competitor in the positive favourite charts with a 41.4% strike and massive 35.8% profit on investment?

Picture yourself on the betting exchange deciding to back or lay.

Would having facts such as the above to hand be of assistance to your profit making?


What Others Aspects of Favourites Will I Learn About?

In addition to examining the Top 50 Trainers for Favourites we have also detailed other areas.

- Two Year old maidens are a bit of a specialised race type.

One Trainer in particular is worthy of note there with a strike rate of 46% with his favourites.


- Favourites Beaten Last Time Out and Favourite again Today.

Are these horses ready to win or just a red herring to lure away your cash?

The truth is that success rate varies greatly according to trainer.

We show you where and when to take special note.


- Month Of Year

Quite simply favourites tend to do better at certain times of year.


- What about the Jockey ?

Again we provide the facts highlighting which are the most profitable Jockeys to follow for favourite backers.


- More ?

Yes additional research in your free report covers aspects such as how favourites do in different race types, class of race, course and going conditions. I have often heard touted that it is not a good idea to back the favourite if the going is heavy. Is that just an old wives tale or do the figures point to cold hard truth in that statement?


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