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PunterProfits is not your usual horse racing tipster site.

The ethos here is very much community based.

In addition to the "Official Tips" from the likes of the Nh Portfolio and the NH 500 Portfolio many members here also contribute long term profitable horse racing tips on the private full member message boards.

We like to think that the regular detailed racing research articles we produce help them to fine tune their skills.

Just to give you a feel of the sort of thing going on here see below a short Editor's pick of one of the horse racing tip threads on our full members boards.

NB links to the thread in question is provided but to actually access the private board areas you will need full membership.

Profit totals mentioned are based on the date I wrote this ie 28 Mar 2014


Horse Racing Tip Threads



Simple Techniques - Well handicapped horses

As the thread title suggests this member thread zones in on horses deemed to be well handicapped according to the secret sauce methodology used.

Selections have been posted live here since March 2012

All bets posted are now +327 points in profit to BSP.

That is very very impressive but even better returns have been provided by doing some simple filtering within the pool of "all qualifiers"

Research for example indicates that the value has been with horses starting 10 or bigger at Betfair SP. Focusing only on those would have jumped net profits to a whopping 661 points at level stakes.

Additional filters worth pondering are

BSP 10 or more handicaps only +658 points

BSP 10 or more turf handicaps only +835 points


The link for daily qualifiers is:


So there you go. Another good reasons to be a full member at Punter Profits.

Our official tips are doing rather well... but not only that clued up members are posting up some great horse racing tips as well each day.

We believe that when it comes to betting on horses it is shrewd to provide yourself
with a hedged portfolio structure of different methods.

Why pay to join multiple tipsters when PunterProfits offers several long term profitable approaches
from within a single membership?




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