FREE Horse Racing System

( full rules to a long term profitable betting system. )


This free horse racing system is a little bonus gift to any logged in free member here.

It is predominantly flat season focused but the odd qualifier will pop up during the winter all weather.

I have seen some other sites promise free systems.

A criticism I would level at a lot of them once received is that they often come across as waffle,
hunch and supposition. They are not actually backed up by proper research that proves
them to be in any way profitable.

A lot of waffle with zero facts, figures or evidence to back it up is not for me.

I want to know something has been long term profitable before I ponder betting on it.

I also like past qualifiers data so I can see rise and flow of profits over time
and come to sensible and suitable staking plan decisions.

The free system we have here for you has been researched right back to when Betfair
first invented BSP in 2008.


The Rules

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Just to clarify ..full detailed rules to this system you can have for free.

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The Results Summarised

Number of Bets 424
Strike Rate
1 pt Level Stakes Profit
Profit On Turnover 32.1%


Results above are at betfair starting price ( bsp )

5% betfair commission is assumed so if your rate is lower than 5% you would have won more.

These results cover all qualifiers between mid April 2008 to the start of the 2014 flat season.

April 2008 is about as far back in time as BSP data goes hence the choice of that start point.



The Results In Detail

All past qualifiers for the period above are detailed in a spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet also has a chart indicating growth in total profit over time.

PunterProfits Free System
Past Qualifier Results in Excel








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