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Horse Laying Tips - Terry's Lays

Terry's Lays are a great example of what we would like PunterProfits to be all about.

The Origin

Several years ago Dave carried out extensive research into horses marked as race favourites in the Racing Post.

The result of this research was an article detailing the sort of favourites to back and the sort of favourites to avoid.

Terry a long time member here took Dave's research and from it created his own personal set of rules
for identifying Racing post favourites to be laid on the betting exchanges.

( Being able to fast track your own personal betting ideas using the
kick start of our research articles and reports is a big benefit of PunterProfits membership )

Qualifiers Terry posted up on the full member message boards here.
Unfortunately due to ill health Terry had to step down from posting.

Our own Dave Renahm has now taken over as official daily checker.

Selections get posted on the forums here and also go out in a daily email to full members.


Long Term Tested

I am sure you have seen marketing gumph describing something as "new" or "the latest thing".

Put on your cynics cap and you can read that as "not proven long" or "not properly tested".

Terry's lays is the opposite. It has been running here since before betfair even invented BSP.

We used to record results using odds at a percentage above Starting Price.

Below however you will see just the more recent results since 2008 the point at which Betfair introduced BSP.

Profit and loss data assumes 5% exchange commission so if you operate on a lower rate your profits would have been better.

Success strike rate is about 85%. ie 85 out of 100 lays will win you money.


Below you can see a chart of profits over time.

The With Price Band line assumes a maximum acceptable BSP of 11.0 exchange style or 10/1 traditional odds.

NB we would recommend max bsp odds be used as BSP is a little like a tote pool bet in as much as one never
knows the final odds till after the off. It is a protectionist measure against a rouge high odds winner being layed.

Chart last updated 20th Dec 2011

A microsoft excel spreadsheet which is updated regularly is available for download at


The spreadsheet permits you to further analyse yourself the effect of a better commission rate, use of maximum acceptable price bands and also includes reports and charts using various staking plans.

If you are interested in older data from before the time of Betfair's introduction of BSP just drop us an email and we can send you the old spreadsheet. If interested in a quick summary of old shows profitability roughly in lines with the above more recent period.


How To Access Future Terry's Lays Selections

Each day we process the days race cards for system qualifiers.

Full members receive any Terry's Lays qualifiers in an email around noon each day.

Terry's Lays are just one small thing that comes with your PunterProfits full membership

Joining our club is a simple process.

1 - Register a free Account ( no need to do this bit again if you have already done so)

( Need a password reminder go to Forgot Password )

2 - Log into the site

3 - Note the prominent "upgrade" option visible on log in.


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