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 Tipster Interview Architect Horse Racing Tipster PunterProfitsJun 2019
 Best Odds Guaranteed Bookmakers AdminOct 2012
 Looking At Races Differently Can Make A Profit Michael WildingMay 2011
 Betting Staking Plan Analysis Staking MachineApr 2009
 Should we take notice of the Racing Post forecast Dave RenhamNov 2008
 Tipsters that charge for their service Dave RenhamJul 2008
 Betting Bank Scalping MickMay 2008
 Impact Factors In Horse Racing Dave RenhamJul 2007
 Improve your betting Dave RenhamMay 2007
 Creating An Odds Line Dave RenhamFeb 2005
 Sensible Betting Staking Peter MarkoFeb 2005
Systems & Research  
 The Draw In Uk Flat Racing A Broad Overview Dave RenhamNov 2020
 Cricket And Its Betting Dave RenhamNov 2020
 Market Movement On The Sand Dave RenhamNov 2020
 First Three Starts In A Handicap Dave RenhamNov 2020
 The Draw In Uk Flat Racing A Broad Overview Part 2 Dave RenhamNov 2020
 Two Year Old Sires Dave RenhamSep 2020
 Pace In National Hunt Races Dave RenhamSep 2020
 Top Jockeys And Their Pace Profile Dave RenhamSep 2020
 Pace And Draw In All Weather Racing Dave RenhamSep 2020
 York A Study Of Draw And Pace Dave RenhamSep 2020
 Use The Cheltenham Festival To Inform Your Future Betting Dave RenhamMar 2018
 Trainers In Form How Important Is It In Reality? Dave RenhamFeb 2018
 Pace Bias On The Sand Dave RenhamJan 2018
 Market Movement Should We Take Any Notice Dave RenhamDec 2017
 Southwell All Weather All You Need To Know Dave RenhamNov 2017
 Starting Points For National Hunt Racing Dave RenhamOct 2017
 Changing Stables Dave RenhamDec 2013
 4yo + Claimers On The All Weather Dave RenhamDec 2013
 4yo+ sellers on the all weather Dave RenhamDec 2013
 Course And Distance Winners Research Dave RenhamOct 2013
 Group One Races Dave RenhamOct 2013
 2yo maiden debuts does the course make a difference Dave RenhamJul 2013
 Dobbing Dave RenhamJul 2013
 Future Race Pointers Dave RenhamJul 2013
 Draw Bias 2013 Dave RenhamJul 2013
 Irish Trainers Dave RenhamMay 2013
 Flat Racing Switching Stables To A New Trainer Dave RenhamMay 2013
 Irish Record At The Cheltenham Festival Dave RenhamMar 2013
 Trainer Form How Relevant Dave RenhamJan 2013
 Low Grade All Weather Racing Dave RenhamJan 2013
 Trainer Analysis Of First Four Runs In Hurdle Races Dave RenhamJan 2013
 Race Profiling Wolverhampton 7f Handicaps Dave RenhamJan 2013
 Free National Hunt Trainer Report Dave RenhamSep 2012
 Late Season 2yo Maidens Dave RenhamSep 2012
 Nursery Handicap Races Dave RenhamSep 2012
 A Good First Run In A Bumper Dave RenhamSep 2012
 Penalty Carriers Dave RenhamJun 2012
 horses that win on debut in a 2yo maiden Dave RenhamJun 2012
 AE Index Value Dave RenhamJun 2012
 Pace in National Hunt Racing part 2 Dave RenhamMay 2012
 Pace in National Hunt Racing part 3 Dave RenhamMay 2012
 Pace in National Hunt Racing part 4 Dave RenhamMay 2012
 Switching Stables To A New Trainer On The Flat Dave RenhamMar 2012
 Switching Stables To A New Trainer In National Hunt Racing Dave RenhamMar 2012
 5f Turf In Running Article Dave RenhamMar 2012
 National Hunt Right-Handed Sire System C AbbottMar 2012
 Grade One Hurdle Races Dave RenhamFeb 2012
 Pace In National Hunt Racing Dave RenhamFeb 2012
 Top National Hunt Trainers Evaluation Of Price Dave RenhamJan 2012
 Course Stats For Trainers Dave RenahmJan 2012
 Four Simple Horse Racing Systems Dave RenhamJan 2012
 Bumpers Is It Possible To Make A Profit Dave RenhamJan 2012
 Starting Points : National Hunt Dave RenhamJan 2012
 To Dob Or Not To Dob Dave RenahmDec 2011
 Handicap Debutants Part 1 Dave RenhamOct 2011
 Handicap Debutants Part 2 Dave RenhamOct 2011
 Starting Points Dave RenhamOct 2011
 Starting Points Revisited Dave RenhamOct 2011
 Predictable Trainers Dave RenhamOct 2011
 2yos Who Made Their Debut In A Newmarket Maiden Dave RenhamOct 2011
 2yo maiden winners does the distance of the race matter Dave RenhamOct 2011
 Richard Hannon 2yos Dave RenhamAug 2011
 Pace In A Race Revisited Dave RenhamAug 2011
 Owners Digging For Gems Dave RenhamAug 2011
 First Time Blinkers Dave RenhamJul 2011
 Can Things Change Dave RenhamMay 2011
 2yo Maiden Debut Does The Course Make a Difference Dave RenhamMay 2011
 LTO Winners On The Flat Dave RenhamMay 2011
 Know Your AW Race Types Dave RenhamFeb 2011
 Switching Stables Dave RenahmFeb 2011
 Southwell Sires Dave RenhamFeb 2011
 The Apprentice Betting System Task Dave RenhamJan 2011
 National Hunt Pace Bias Dave RenhamJan 2011
 National Hunt Favourites Who Failed To Finish In Previous Race Dave RenhamJan 2011
 Jockeys And Running Styles Dave RenhamJan 2011
 All Weather LTO Winners Dave RenhamJan 2011
 The Bounce Theory Dave RenhamJan 2011
 National Hunt Sires Dave RenhamDec 2010
 Kempton All Weather A Statistical Look Dave RenhamDec 2010
 Group 1 Races Dave RenhamSep 2010
 Draw Bias Revisited Dave RenahmSep 2010
 Hayley Turner : An Analysis Dave RenhamSep 2010
 Trainer Pace Ratings Dave RenhamSep 2010
 Racing Questions From The Pub Dave RenhamSep 2010
 Strengths and weaknesses of jockeys Dave RenhamSep 2010
 Systems for Favourites Dave RenhamSep 2010
 Flat Racing Favourites Report Dave RenhamAug 2010
 August Trainers Year by Year Dave RenhamAug 2010
 August Trainers Dave RenhamAug 2010
 3yo-Handicaps Dave RenhamMay 2010
 Data For Flat Horse Racing Trainers Dave RenhamApr 2010
 April National Hunt Trainers Dave RenhamApr 2010
 February Trainers Dave RenhamFeb 2010
 Last Time Out All Weather Winners Dave RenhamFeb 2010
 New Year Hotch Potch Dave RenhamJan 2010
 Quick Returners Over The Sticks Dave RenhamJan 2010
 Bumper Races Dave RenhamNov 2009
 Turf And All Weather Sire Research Dave RenhamNov 2009
 Novice Chases Dave RenhamNov 2009
 Pace Running Styles In National Hunt Racing Dave RenhamNov 2009
 Long Term Consistency Records Dave RenahmSep 2009
 Long Distance Travellers Dave RenhamSep 2009
 Trainers - Two Runners In The Same Race Dave RenhamSep 2009
 A Look At Racehorse Owner Khalid Abdulla Dave RenhamSep 2009
 Horse Racing Drifters Dave RenhamAug 2009
 2yo Debutants In Maidens July Onwards Dave RenhamAug 2009
 Running Styles Revisited Dave RenhamAug 2009
 Market Bias in 5f Handicaps Dave RenhamAug 2009
 Pace Running Styles for Jockeys Dave RenhamJun 2009
 Finding different ways to evaluate performance Dave RenhamJun 2009
 Do sire stats offer a real edge Dave RenhamJun 2009
 Backing Jockeys A Bookies Benefit Dave RenhamMay 2009
 Flat Systems To Try Out This Season Dave RenhamMay 2009
 Trying to Make Scottish Racing Pay Dave RenhamMay 2009
 More Draw Bias Research 2009 Dave RenhamMay 2009
 Getting To Grips With Spread Betting Dave RenhamMay 2009
 A Detailed Look at Chester Draw Bias Dave RenhamMar 2009
 Was all the research worth it Dave RenhamMar 2009
 Gearing Up For The Flat Dave RenhamMar 2009
 National Hunt Favourites Who Failed To Finish Dave RenhamFeb 2009
 Researching Pace Ideas Dave RenhamFeb 2009
 Betfair SP v Industry SP Dave RenhamFeb 2009
 Change in Distance - Does it Really Matter? Dave RenhamJan 2009
 First Run After Changing Stables Dave RenhamJan 2009
 Draw Bias On The Sand Revisited Dave RenhamJan 2009
 Placepot Analysis Dave RenhamNov 2008
 Placepot Analysis 2 Dave RenhamNov 2008
 Alan King - a trainer to follow Dave RenhamNov 2008
 More Pace Research Dave RenhamNov 2008
 Trainers to watch this winter on the all weather Dave RenhamNov 2008
 Jockey Trainer combinations by course Dave RenhamAug 2008
 Useful Facts Dave RenhamAug 2008
 What a difference a day makes Dave RenhamAug 2008
 Trainers in August and September Dave RenhamJul 2008
 Running Styles - Pace Bias Dave RenhamJul 2008
 HORSE OWNERS STATS Dave RenhamJul 2008
 Profiting from draw bias on the all weather Dave RenhamJul 2008
 You must stay on top of changing draw bias Dave RenhamJul 2008
 More Draw Research Dave RenhamJul 2008
 Spotting Potential Drifters Dave RenhamJul 2008
 And Now For Something Completely Different Dave RenhamMar 2008
 Sprint Handicap Preparation for the New Flat Season Dave RenhamMar 2008
 Uncovering All Weather Biases Dave RenhamMar 2008
 Knowing your Race Types on the Sand Dave RenhamMar 2008
 Some uk Horse Racing Draw Stats to Mull Over Dave RenhamMar 2008
 Computer Straight Forecast Versus The Exacta Dave RenhamMar 2008
 Jockeys on The All Weather Dave RenhamMar 2008
 SYSTEM BETTING REVISITED 2008 Dave RenhamMar 2008
 Investigating The Tricast - Part 3 Dave RenhamJan 2008
 Investigating The Tricast - Part 2 Dave RenhamJan 2008
 Investigating The Tricast - Part 1 Dave RenhamJan 2008
 National Hunt Favourites : a course approach Dave RenhamDec 2007
 Draw Bias at Kempton Dave RenhamDec 2007
 Pace The Final Frontier 3 Dave RenhamNov 2007
 Pace : The Final Frontier : 2 Dave RenhamNov 2007
 All Weather Sires Dave RenhamOct 2007
 Pace The Final Frontier 1 Dave RenhamOct 2007
 All Weather Horse Racing Research Dave RenhamOct 2007
 Trainers in October - Flat Dave RenhamOct 2007
 Does the market tell us anything Dave RenhamOct 2007
 We all have favourites Dave RenhamOct 2007
 Flat Trainers to follow in the Autumn Dave RenhamSep 2007
 Jockeys Revisited Dave RenhamSep 2007
 Apprentice Jockeys - The Facts Dave RenhamSep 2007
 Pointers for jockeys Dave RenhamJun 2007
 Back to Breeding Dave RenhamJun 2007
 Laying Supposed Good Things Dave RenhamApr 2007
 Back To The Draw Dave RenhamApr 2007
 Unravelling Sprint Handicaps Dave RenhamApr 2007
 Using Systems To Lay Horses Dave RenhamMar 2007
 System Betting Revisited Dave RenhamMar 2007
 Pace Angles For Profit On The All Weather Dave RenhamFeb 2007
 A Different Approach To National Hunt Racing Betting Dave RenhamFeb 2007
 Draw Bias on The Sand Dave RenhamJan 2007
 National Hunt Favourites Dave RenahmDec 2006
 Analysing Races Dave RenhamSep 2006
 Course And Distance Winners Dave RenhamSep 2006
 The Sex of A Horse Makes A Difference Dave RenhamSep 2006
 Is there any edge backing favourites Dave RenhamJul 2006
 Against The Draw Dave RenhamJun 2006
 Using the Stock Market Portfolio Idea with Horse Racing Systems Dave RenhamMay 2006
 Can We Use The Diminishing Edge In Betfair's Prices In Our Favour Dave RenhamFeb 2006
 Research into finding the worst horse racing system ever! Dave RenhamFeb 2006
 Betting In Running Neil DawkinsNov 2004
 Can You Make a Profit Backing Favorites Dave RenhamNov 2004
 Useful Racing Facts Dave RenhamNov 2004
 Follow The Money Neil DawkinsNov 2004
 Breakfast with Betfair Neil DawkinsJul 2004
 10 Common Mistakes Made By New Betting Exchange Traders Adam ToddJul 2007
Monthly Trainer Data  
 Horse Racing Trainer Research june 2015 Dave RenhamJun 2015
 Racing Trainer Research - May 2015 Dave RenhamMay 2015
 April Trainers 2015 Dave RenhamMar 2015
 March Trainers 2015 Dave RenhamMar 2015
 February Trainers 2015 Dave RenhamFeb 2015
 January Trainers 2015 Dave renhamJan 2015
 December Trainers 2014 Dave RenhamDec 2014
 November Trainers 2014 Dave RenhamOct 2014
 September Trainers 2014 Dave RenhamAug 2014
 August Trainers 2014 Dave RenhamJul 2014
 Trainers In Irish Racing July 2014 Dave RenhamJul 2014
 July Trainers 2014 Dave RenhamJul 2014
 June Trainers 2014 Dave RenhamMay 2014
 May Trainers 2014 Dave RenhamApr 2014
 April Trainer 2014 Dave RenhamMar 2014
 March Trainers 2014 Dave RenhamMar 2014
 Horse Racing Trainer Data - Feb 2014 Dave RenhamJan 2014
 December Trainers 2013 Dave RenhamNov 2013
 November Trainers 2013 Dave RenhamOct 2013
 October Trainers 2013 Dave RenhamSep 2013
 September Trainers 2013 Dave RenhamAug 2013
 August Trainers 2013 Dave RenahmJul 2013
 July Trainers 2013 Dave RenhamJun 2013
 June Trainers 2013 Dave RenhamMay 2013
 May Trainers 2013 Dave RenhamApr 2013
 April Trainers 2013 Dave RenhamApr 2013
 March Trainers 2013 Dave RenhamMar 2013
 February Trainers 2013 Dave RenhamFeb 2013
 January Trainers 2013 Dave RenhamJan 2013
 December Trainers 2012 Dave RenhamNov 2012
 November Trainers 2012 Dave RenhamOct 2012
 October Trainers 2012 Dave RenhamSep 2012
 September Trainers 2012 Dave RenhamAug 2012
 August Trainer 2012 Dave RenhamJul 2012
 July Trainers 2012 Dave RenhamJul 2012
  June Trainers 2012 Dave RenhamMay 2012
 May Trainers 2012 Dave RenhamMay 2012
 April Trainer 2012 Dave RenhamMar 2012
 March Trainers 2012 Dave RenhamMar 2012
 February Trainers 2012 Dave RenhamJan 2012
 January Trainers 2012 Dave RenhamDec 2011
 October Trainers 2011 Dave RenhamSep 2011
 September Trainers 2011 Dave RenhamAug 2011
 August Trainers 2011 Dave RenhamJul 2011
 July Trainers 2011 Dave RenhamJun 2011
 June Trainers - 2011 Dave RenhamJun 2011
 May Trainers 2011 Dave RenhamMay 2011
 April Trainers Flat 2011 Dave RenhamMar 2011
 March Trainers - 2011 Dave RenhamFeb 2011
 February Trainers 2011 Dave RenhamJan 2011
 January Trainers 2011 Dave RenhamJan 2011
 December Trainers 2010 Dave RenhamNov 2010
 November Trainers Dave RenhamNov 2010
 OctoberTrainers Dave RenhamSep 2010
 September Trainers Dave RenhamSep 2010
 July Trainers Dave RenhamJun 2010
 June Trainers Dave RenhamMay 2010
 May Trainers Dave RenhamApr 2010
 March Trainers Dave RenhamFeb 2010
 December Trainers Dave RenhamNov 2009
 Trainers In October Dave RenhamOct 2009

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Soccer Betting  
 The Ten Commandments of Football Betting Football BetsAug 2008
 Football Bet Types Explained Football BetsAug 2008

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