Betting Webmaster? Join our Affiliate Program for Cash and Free Targeted Traffic

Would you like to earn Money as an affiliate and simultaneously get welcome additional promotion for your own site?

Yes. Read the above again.... it's True.

Earn Money

Register as an affiliate partner and we will pay you 30% of subscription fees for our Club.

Club membership costs £24.99 per month and we will pay you 30% on a recurring basis or we will pay you 30% of any £199 annual fee should your referral choose that longer term option instead.

Our tracking cookie lasts 365 days.

Note however that we tag your affiliate ID at a database level on free registration thus significantly reducing the necessity of cookies.

Build Your Reputation

With the Racing and Football Outlook Newspaper's Dave Renham heavily involved here and with a net profit of 79 points level stakes for our Nh Portfolio in 2007 you can be assured that you are sending your visitors to a quality website offering a great service.

That profit figure is based on SP. As an experienced betting webmaster your self I am sure you realise that's a conservative estimate. Real life exchange profits should easily have breached the 100 points mark.

If you want to grow your own long term reputation with your subscribers so they trust your recommendations time and again long into the future , you need to draw their attention to quality services not peddle hyped up junk for a quick buck that will lose them their betting banks. PunterProfits is a quality site you can recommend with confidence.

Receive Traffic

Not only will we be paying you, we will also be sending you targeted visitors to your own site via a listing in our horse racing and sports betting partner directory.

We have already sent in excess of 37,000 visits to our existing partners.

The more traffic you send us, the higher your ranking in our partner directory.

Those partner sites who send us most incoming traffic, receive a listing in our top 10 partners list.

This top partner list is displayed prominently around our site ensuring that we send you a lot of traffic back in addition to your partner payment cheque.

We look forward to partnering with you and sending potential customers and cheques your direction.

Please note however we wish to keep our partner directory focused and topical thus if you run a non sports or betting related site, you are free to earn as an affiliate but we may elect not to list your site in our directory. Ask for listing approval in advance if you feel this may apply to you.

How to Register

Ok so you you want to earn money and receive traffic.

Below is a step by step Guide to adding your web site details to our partner system.

  1. Visit our Webmasters Admin Section and register your details. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to activate your account.

  2. Once Logged in as a webmaster,go to The Betting Links Directory and navigate to the correct category for your site. (If you see no suitable category, please feel free to suggest one).

  3. Use the suggest link option to bring up the link submission form.

  4. Complete the form adding the details of your site.

  5. Submit the form and you should receive a confirmation email with your rank boosting and cash earning affiliate link code.

  6. We check newly submitted sites each day for return reciprocal links. Assuming then that your return link is in place, we will turn you live in our system and start sending you visitors.

  7. Visit the Webmasters Admin Section to edit your links, track the hits sent and received by your site, and view the paying members you have referred.

Text links with a quick description of what we do here are more effective at increasing the size of your future cheque however should you wish to use banners or buttons please see the page below where a selection are available.

Get Banners

Act quickly and get news of PunterProfits to your viewers and subscriber list before others beat you to it.



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