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Punter Profits is a private community focusing mainly on uk horse racing with a small smattering of sports betting at times.

Our aim on this site is to make you betting cash profits not only by providing you with selections from well researched and proven methods but also to help you learn and develop your own betting skills so you can stand on your own two betting feet.

The team behind PunterProfits include betting researchers and real life long term successful punters with many a closed bookmaker account behind them.

David Renham is Editor of the site and leads the betting research. To give you an idea of his credentials, David is a key writer in the specialist newspaper Racing and Football Outlook where his core focus is statistical horse racing research. Or have you ever read the spotlight section of the Racing Post? Well Dave used to write that spotlight column for them.

If there were a simple ethos of this site it may be along the lines of.. betting on horses ignoring all the lessons that history has to teach you is a foolish thing to do. Good research should significantly improve your betting returns whether that is steering you away from what is proven to be long term unprofitable or towards what has proven to produce betting profits over many past years.

An example of this thinking is our System Portfolio Concept.

In short many years of historic racing data is analysed to find key selection criteria that have produced years of historic significant profits. Several such approaches once identified are then grouped into a portfolio. The aim is not only to produce ongoing future profits but also to diversify risk. Should one component of the portfolio do poorly over the year to come there are several other components each with years of historic profits to fall back on to bring in an overall net profit.

Currently we have two separate portfolios available to full members here.

You can consider these our official horse racing tips if you like.

To read more about the two system portfolios please follow these links

System Portfolio and NH 5000 System Portfolio


What's for Free?

There are quite a few perks of Free membership here.

For starters we will give you the rules and a full set of past results to the PunterProfits Free System. For more info on this free system see here Free Horse Racing System

Also you can download a collection of older but highly detailed horse racing research reports about various topics such the fate of favourites and both flat and National Hunt trainer data.

Registration also grants you access to certain areas of the message boards here.

There is quite a bit of discussion in the free area about profitable approaches to betting and threads where systems are being tested out in real time.

Every so often we will also send you a short newsletter.

In that newsletter we keep you up to date with what is going on. If there is a particularly profitable thread or any further interesting free stuff for you we will point you to it in the newsletter.

If you have not already done so our best advice is to Register Now for Free


What do You Charge For?

Should you wish to upgrade your membership to Full Member Status you will be granted access to restricted areas of the site.

For example only Full Members receive the daily email list to which National Hunt System Portfolio and NH 500 Portfolio selections are sent.

There are also private areas of the site containing articles and research aimed at improving your betting. These research articles can boost your own general understanding of profitable areas in racing. Many also act as a good base for you should you wish to develop personal systems or racing methods of your own.

One of the most popular areas of the site however are the Full Member Forums. Here both Dave and other seasoned clients share and posts selections from various methods. There are many very very profitable member threads in the full member forums here. Dave's reputation for excellent horse racing research work does tend to draw in many very competent and knowledgeable racing punters to the site. A regular full member newsletter highlights the best threads for long term profits to you so you can quickly find the threads with long term profits worth following. For brief notes on several of our favourite member generated tipping threads see this page Horse Racing Tips


Also note the detailed horse racing research report info Flat Racing Trainers

You have access to this information packed research report when you Upgrade to Full Member.

PunterProfits is simply a little private club where intelligent people with an interest in making profits from betting can meet and learn from one another. Or if you choose you can simply be lazy and just follow the well researched system selections or the selections on the full member forums from horse racing bettors more skilled and advanced than your good self. Surround yourself with good people however and your game should improve over time as well.

Membership rates are nominal at a mere £24.99 per month. If you have an attitude of long term value, then opt for the £199.99 yearly fee. This is far too cheap ! The price won't last for long so lock in your cheap rate for the longer term today.


Joining our club is a simple process.

1 - Register a free Account ( no need to do this bit again if you have already done so)

2 - Log into the site

You can stop there if you like and access all our great free stuff current and future.

Assuming you like what you see however and you wish to invest in full membership proper

3 - Note the prominent "Upgrade" option visible on log in.



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